Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Countdown: 8 hours and 39 minutes.

Yes, I leave for California in exactly 8 hours and 39 minutes, well 38 minutes now.

Drive to Amarilli, Texas
Eat at the Big Texan
Go see MI:3

Depart Amarillo, Texas for Flagstaff, AR
Drive through the painted desert
Visit the Grand Canyon
Try not to fall into the Grand Canyon, that's a big hole

Depart Flagstaff, AR for Bakersfield, CA (if we can make it)
Try to visit the Hoover Dam
Take a Dam Tour
If we can't make it, stop somewhere and rest

Depart from wherever we sleep
Drive to North California
Visit the Big Ol' Trees that I can't spell their name
Take 1 (one) picture of me hugging one of the Big Ol' Trees that I can't spell their name
Arrive in Bakersfield, CA and move Kelly in

Depart Bakersfield, CA via Bakersfield Airport at 12:00pm
Arrive in Houston, TX at 5:30pm

Level of excitement.......high

Monday, April 24, 2006

a room over my head

some of you know that andrew and i have been in the process of waiting on the final word of getting a house. it is done, and we have a house.

a background check and a credit check, and we'll be moving in after finals. excited? a bit. a house to my own.

why i'm looking forward to a home to myself:
1. i can park 10 feet from my front door.
2. don't have to swipe a card after 12:00.
3. i can take a bath.
4. i can sit outside and look at the stars all night.
5. i can play with my dog all day long.
6. i can crash on my couch for however long i want.
7. as someone has informed me, i can walk around my house 'However i want to'...well, that wasn't really the quote, but yeah, you get it

what i'm semi-worried about:
1. the drive.
2. how long i'll have to go without internet.
3. utilities.
4. lonliness.

yeah, pros really outweigh the cons.

muy bueno!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


i hope this makes ms. mary reed very happy, and we better get a new post from ms. reed as well.

life is good.
life is great.
i want some food.
i live in a crate.

chris is a poet.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

1 dollar.

So I opened my wallet and for the first time in a while, I actually have green, 100%, american hard paper cash. Yeah, money is money, but this time it just isn't on a gold debit card. It's actual green cash. A one dollar bill. What can I buy with $1?

-Candy from the candy machine downstairs?
-Can't even buy a 20 ounce Dr. Pepper anymore, I can only get a 12 ounce can now.
-50 tootsie rolls? With tax, I would only be able to get like 40.
-Plastic Spoons?
-I used to be able to go into the gas station with a dollar bill and get either a candy bar or a coke or something. Now I can hardly do that.
-Download a song?

Kinda wierd to think what you can get for only a dollar.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

ejas ghaos

1) close your eyes
2) smash some keys
3) the first thing that comes to mind that remotely seems like a word, write about it!

thus, i have ejas ghaos!

ejas ghaos.

ejas ghaos is my spanish goose friend.

prenounced 'ee-has g-ha-oo-se'.

ejas (for short) goes to school with me, but hangs out at the ag pond during the day. he tried going to class with me, but teachers got upset. he wears a sumbrero that covers his entire body, so if you ever see a sumbrero floating around the Ag pond, that is ejas, say hello to him. ejas likes tacos and chinese fried rice, but it gives him heart burn, so he tries to hold it to a minimum, but if he sees chinese fried rice and tacos, he goes crazy and can't keep the urge to eat the tacos and chinese rice to himself.

ejas speaks french. if you speak french, you should be alright, but sometimes ejas likes to play jokes and acts like he doesn't speak french, only goose, but he's joking and can actually understand you. he's a slick ghaos.

ejas is excited that i get my truck back on monday. he can't wait to ride with his head out the window. if you see me driving with ghaos' head out the window, don't worry, he's a trained professional.

i must tend to ghaos now, i shall return..

Monday, February 27, 2006

getting it off of my chest.

i really hate to keep talking about this stuff all of the time, mainly to a couple people individually that are even reading this blog, but i just want to write about it and put my words to text.

so i've never felt like i do right now in my entire life. i know life is crazy and stressful, but this might be a bit much for me. what does life hold in store for me, if all i keep hearing is 'get used to it, it's life'. if life is going to be like this forever, life is going to suck...big time. these past few weeks have been so hard and so crazy that i don't know how i'm going to get through the rest of this week and next. insurance company is breathing down my neck, not to mention my parents, friends and the pesky credit people. work sucks, which is not good, because i need work to pull through now more than ever, but of course, it doesn't. i slept good for the first time in 3 and a half weeks last night, and it's probably just because i broke down and freaked out and got it out of my system for a few hours. i've become really moody, taking it out on kelly and most of my friends, and i'm extremely and passionately sorry for the way i've become the past week weeks/month(s). i've gotten myself in something i'm not sure i can get myself out of. usually times like this i just go to my parents for help and advice, but there's nothing they can do for me. i've made some decisions that i shouldn't of made, and they're coming to haunt me, even things that happened years ago.

i have stopped going to church, which i think is the complete reason this is happening to me. is this a test? is God doing this to me to teach me a lesson? of course he is, and i have failed miserably. i want to go back to church, i want to start praying again, i want to be the good person i was, but every time i want to do all of that, i just put it aside, regretting it later. sure i can blame work and school and stuff, but i know that that's no real reason. sure i might have to work wednesday until 9, but i can call in if i wanted to. sure i have to work every thursday, but if i wanted to, i could leave early and go to BSM. but do i do it? no, i don't. why? i don't know. am i pissed at myself? yes. am i doing anything to change it? no. do i want to? yes. i wake up every day with pain in my entire body.

i just want another good night's sleep. just one more. i want all of this to go away. i want to go throughout my day not having to worry about a single thing. all in all, i want everything to be perfect. of course i know that won't happen and its 'just life', but for one day i want to experience that and go out to the park and throw the frisbee with some friends, go to the lake and catch some fish, fly a kite. i don't care, something that i can do, enjoy, relax, and not have to worry about -anything-. why have i made life so hard? i'm only 20 years old. life is not supposed to be this hard. i'm in my second year of college, but yet i want to act like i'm on my own and i'm 25.

i wish i could pray like i used to, but every time i do, i can't do it like i used to. i stray away, thinking of other things, or i tell myself that i don't want to pray. how in the world do i tell myself that? 'chris, you don't want to pray'. excuse me? yes i do want to pray. it's so simple. as simple as just sitting there, closing your eyes, and talk to God, the most awesome and easiest-to-talk-to person in the world. but yet, i can't do it.

i know most of you guys don't like to listen to me go on and on about my problems, and sorry if you read this whole thing and get to this sentence where i'm apologizing.

things will be better. i just have to work it through and get through it all. life will continue on, no matter what happens and i know people will be there to help me through it. but it's still hard, oh so hard.

alright, im done with my schpeal. i think i got it all in text and off of my chest.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Starting This Week!

I shall be posting my favorite Strongbad emails once a week! This week I shall open this festival with mr. Strongbad's guitar email. gooooooood email.